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Brain Injury from Falling Door Closing Mechanism Results in $10M Verdict

A Philadelphia couple was awarded $10 Million by a jury for a brain injury (closed head injury) caused when the husband was struck in the head by a piece of a falling door. During 10 days of trial, the jury learned that the 36 year old man was leaving a halloween costume store with his wife and daughter when the metal piece hit him in the head. As a result of the accident, the man suffered from headaches, an inability to sleep, dizziness, decreased concentration skills, trouble with processing words, depression and emotional instability. He became a loner who experienced emotional outbursts and a short temper with his family and employers. He lost his job developing computer software and was fired from the next three jobs he tried to hold, ultimately resulting in unemployment. His entire family was suffering from his injuries and a vocational expert testified that he was unemployable.

Before trial, the couple was offered $25,000 to settle his case, although this offer was increased to $500,000 during trial. The couple had demanded $5 Million, in part because expert testimony in the case demonstrated that the man would lose between $2.6 Million and almost $4 Million in future earnings because of the injury. Although the settlement offers were low, the defendants admitted responsiblity for the accident, but argued that the man was not seriously injured and could have continued in the job he had at the time of the accident. The jury’s verdict was $8 Million for the man and $2 Million for his wife.

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