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Stevens Johnson Syndrome

Stevens Johnson Syndrome is the result of an allergic reaction caused by many different drugs and medications. Not all of these medications require a prescription and many can be purchased over-the-counter. It is estimated that Stevens Johnson Syndrome causes over 140,000 deaths every year in the United States and causes complications for two million people. Some of the most common medications causing Stevens Johnson Syndrome include antibiotics (especially sulfa based drugs), pain medications (such as Bextra and Celebrex), and seizure medications. An excellent resourse for individuals concernned about this syndrome is the Stevens Johnson Syndrome Foundation.

Stevens Johnson Syndrome is a potentially life-threatening reaction that causes blistering of the skin and severe burning. The skiin will eventually slough off. Stevens Johnson Syndrome frequently causes blindness and around 30% of affected individuals die from the illness. The best treatment always entails early recognition and diagnosis and fast medical intervention. Some of the early symptoms of Stevens Johnson Syndrome include:

Flu-like symptoms with high fever Blistering or burning of mucous membranes, such as the lips, mouth, eyes and ears skin rashes, red spotches and skin blisters skin sloughing history of a prior drug reaction

Cases of Stevens Johnson Syndrome are sometimes the result of medical negligence. Medications are sometimes mistakenly prescribed to patients who have had a prior drug reaction to the medication or to a related medication. Sometimes the symptoms are not timely recognized and appropriate treatment not timely started. Is you believe that you may have developed Stevens Johnson Syndrome as a result of a medical error or not had your symptoms properly treatment, you should immediately contact an experienced attorney to evaluate your potential case.

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